Choose Your Cover - Standard Plus Rescue & Recovery


  • Cover for any vehicle you are travelling in
  • Cover for one or more people at the same address


  • Cover for a specified vehicle with any legal driver
  • Cover for one or more vehicles at the same address

Further Details

WMS Rescue & Recovery offer two forms of breakdown cover, Personal breakdown cover and Vehicle breakdown cover.

Before you choose which type of breakdown cover to get, think about the option that suits you best.

Personal: covers a named person rather than a specific vehicle. The named person on the policy is covered if the vehicle they are driving breaks down, but also if they are a passenger in another vehicle, driven by someone else.

Vehicle: applies to a specific vehicle regardless of who is driving it. As long the driver holds a full driving licence, has a motor insurance policy and has permission from the owner to drive the vehicle, they will be covered by WMS Rescue & Recovery.

Please select which policy is best suited for your needs and how many people or vehicles you wish to be covered by your WMS Rescue & Recovery policy.

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The WMS Group

The WMS Group are one of the top three providers of extended automotive warranties and associated products, with a national network of vehicle dealerships across the UK.

WMS Rescue & Recovery was established with one main goal in mind. To revolutionise the way warranty customers are treated within the recovery business.